Guangyuan He, Who was Honorary President of Chinese Machinery Industry Federation (Machinery Industry Minister Before), Investigated Brilliance Special Vehicle

2016-09-28 11:34:17

Opportunities are created during reforms and innovations push development, Brilliance Special Vehicle has created own brand and get ready to win the future by its strength and determination. During 5-year fast growth, BSV base has begun to take shape and been paid attention home and abroad.

    From Sep 7th to Sep 8th, 2016, Guangyuan He (honorary president of Chinese Machinery Industry Federation (Machinery Industry Minister before)) and Anli Wei (deputy secretary-general of China internal combustion engine industry association) arrived at Brilliance International (Dalian) automobile industrial park to visit and investigate BSV.  Guangyuan He paid close attention on BSV’s project development and made his investigation as the first stop of “Approaching Self-owned Brand” activity. Yumin Qi, who was President and secretary of the party committee of Brilliance Auto Group, paid high attention to the visit and had a formal discussion with honored guests at the first day. The second day, Xuemin Liu (Vice President of Brilliance Auto, President of Brilliance Auto Investment (Dalian)) accompanied with guests to visit park plants that were under production work. They investigated the production line and all kinds of special vehicle products in the plants.

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