Development Plan

▪Strategic Goals
According to the “12th Five-Year Plan”, Brilliance Auto Group has set up the strategy for developing the Special Vehicles Market. Brilliance is going to build the world’s biggest and unique center for design, production and marketing of premium special vehicles.

▪Guiding Principle
World-class technologies will be introduced and adapted to the local and international market based on the principle of “introduction, digestion, absorption and re-innovation.” Modern industrial management with shared services and lean processes will be introduced to reduce overhead and production costs. The Brilliance Marketing organization with its existing local network will help to conquer the markets both home and abroad.

▪General Plan

Based on the principles of “General Planning, Step-by-Step Implementation and Progressive Development”, flexible production structures become established. Facility construction, technology introduction, market development and products manufacturing are carried out simultaneously.

▪Product Strategy
Based on marketing studies, introduction programs and project investigations, Brilliance Special Vehicles did develop the “8+1Strategy”. 8 Product groups of high-end special vehicles and 1 additional target field in premium market position were identified as having the biggest potential in the future.
    Product of 1 field
        Modification of light bus
    8 types of special vehicles
        Emergency Rescue
        High-end Medical use
        Environmental Engineering
        School Bus & Bus (Incl. New Energy)
        High-end MPV and RV
        Airport and Engineering Transportation (Incl. on-road and off-road)

To implement the Product Strategies, Brilliance Special Vehicles will attract worldwide premium cooperation partners for technology introduction and investment. Europe ,North America and the Asia-Pacific region are the mainly focused technology resources area.